We'll Give Your Figure A Boost

BottomLine Cardio includes multiple fitness styles, great music and fun!

We always begin with a warm-up and end with a deep stretch.  Strength training is also an integral part of class using weights, tubes, playground balls, hula hoops, mats and a ballet barre.  We incorporate Zumba®, kickboxing, dance, pilates, yoga, barre work, sculpting and circuit training in our program.  A variety of music pumps throughout class from multiple generations and genres.  BottomLine is a simple to follow format with an emphasis on hard work, community and fun! That's our BottomLine...  What's your BottomLine?


   BottomLine Classic: Warm-up, cardio with strength training mixed in and a deep stretch to end class-a real mash-up

    Zumba®: Combines world music with a fun and effective work-out system.  It's "exercise in disguise!"  A fun, party atmosphere by working all your muscles and you won't even know you're doing it!

  • BottomLine Strength: Warm-up, strength training concentrating on all major muscle groups, still set to music and ending with a deep-stretch of the muscles used in class
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga: This yoga class embodies the breath and pulsing through rhythmic movement
  • BottomLine Circuit: Warm-up, then station to station strength and cardio segments in a high-intensity format to build muscles and endurance.  Followed by a deep stretch.


Please bring a towel for your mat and small weights.  We provide mats, tubes, hoops & playground balls.  

*If you arrive late M-F, please enter through the back door.  

If it is your first class please arrive 5-10 minutes early for a tour and details-Thanks! 

There is plenty of free parking in the lot in front and behind the building at Ciara Dance.