5 Exercise Oversights

I'm guilty too!  These are just some things to think about before and during class-only if you want to reach your fullest potential, of course.  This is modified from a fellow trainer, Brandi Kupchella. 

1) Not Paying Attention: Are you thinking about your grocery list?  Did I turn off the coffee maker?  I need to buy some new leggings.  Certainly our minds drift, and that's ok some times, but for the most part during class or when exercising you want to pay attention.  It can only help to listen to cues, listen to alignment adjustments, options and injury prevention insights.  For example, I know when I pay attention, I go deeper in my squats making sure my knees are over my toes and keep my chest lifted.

2) Not Working Hard Enough: Linked to not paying attention, as your mind drifts, you just kinda move and not focus on really working hard.  Certainly, some days, you made it to class and that is the biggest accomplishment.  That is it!  Totally understand, but most days, you made it you want to work your hardest.

3) You Are Not Challenging Yourself:  You know in our class we don't compete against each other, but you should compete against yourself.  Am I working to my potential today?  Again, some days you have a little tweak and you need to take care of that, but for the most part-are you working a little harder than yesterday?  Are you working towards your goals?

4) You Don't Acknowledge That Which You Can't Alter: "You have to set reasonable expectations." (1)  This again goes to don't look around at what other people are doing.  We each have our own strengths and challenges.  We try to build a little on our challenges, but know that's tough and excel at our strengths, where we can shine.  (And since no one is looking at you, you shine within!)   My hamstrings are tight, I don't fold in half like my yoga teacher, however, I continue to stretch and appreciate the great feeling of the stretch-not how far I go.

5) You Award Your Efforts with Food:  I'm always ravenous after I teach a class, however, if I treat myself everyday with a veggie burger with all the fixen's and fries-I will never see any results, or maybe continue to gain weight.  Now occasionally, we need to treat ourselves, but not everyday!  You know I love my Broccoli Slaw and Lentil tacos-but all that dough in the shells.  I've started having 1 with as a lettuce wrap and one with the tortilla.  That way, I still get the satisfaction but not all the calories and I'm satiated.  

(1) Kupchella, Brandi (August 22, 2017) "The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Exercising, According to a Trainer." Popsugar US